Each program and course within CAPS is designed with an adult learner in mind. Our programs are 120 credit hours long. Our courses are 6 weeks long. We follow a non- traditional term format and have monthly entry points, which means that students can start their academic endeavor anytime of the year.

We understand that one size does not fit all, so our programs are quite flexible, allowing adult learners to shape their own degree and their own pace toward completing it. They can choose to take one course at a time or double up. They can take the courses back-to-back or have a 6-week break when life throws a curve ball. They can easily get right back on track to ensure successful completion of the program.

Each of the CAPS programs has an option to earn a minor in a different discipline to make the students’ professional portfolio more versatile. They can also opt out of a minor and take more elective courses within the discipline of their choice.

Additionally, each program has an Internship that seeks to strengthen the student’s professional experiences. If they are seasoned professionals, they have an opportunity to create a professional portfolio that enables the application of the professional experience toward their degree earning up to 12 credit hours toward degree completion. This can create a significant reduction in the time required to graduate.

We accept students from various educational experiences and our Registrar’s office works closely with students who might be transferring credits from other places towards their degree in CAPS.

Because we are committed to educating our students in a biblically-sound, Christ-centered environment, our courses intentionally integrate a Christian worldview in each program. We offer a forum by which students are encouraged to pray for and with one another. Course discussions are guided in such a way that students are invited to engage in conversation about how their worldview affects the way they learn and work. We care about both our students’ spiritual well-being as well as their academic achievements. These are not mutually exclusive, but are part and parcel of living our lives under God’s gracious eye.